Professional label specialists

Model Mach4S

The MACH4S has all the functionality of an industrial printer with a wide range of application areas. The print mechanism and external structure are made of high-quality materials and perfectly matched to each other in terms of shape and features. The large colour touch display with self-explanatory symbols allows optimal use. Pigmented Pigmented labels and ribbons are easily inserted from the front. The centred label guide makes calibration unnecessary. All necessary interfaces are integrated as standard on the high-tech circuit board, which is prepared for all connections


Model EOS2

The EOS series combines all the functions of a robust label printer with maximum user convenience The control panel is intuitive, with self-explanatory icons for configuring device settings.

SQUIX models

The SQUIX models are versatile printers for industrial use with left-aligned material feed. Their development is consistently oriented towards simple, intuitive operation and high reliability. The printing mechanism and bodies are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly matched to form and function. A wide range of peripherals and software enables customised solutions. Used stand-alone, as PC applications or within a network, the robust printers meet every need. The high-speed processor ensures fast processing of the print job and makes the required label available immediately.

Model SQUIX 4M

These are printers with centred material feed. All materials can be printed wound on rolls or reels or folded accordion style. Ideal for very small labels or narrow continuous materials.



SQUIX 4MTs are printers for textile applications with centered material feed and a separator. At high temperatures, the pigmented ribbon may stick to the fabric ribbon after printing The pinch roller separates the pigmented web from the material Labels or continuous material can also be printed on rolls or reels. Adjustment of the pins for the label width is not necessary for narrow materials adapted counter rollers are offered.

Model XC4 e XC6 bi-color

These models are equipped with two matching printing devices to print a label in two colours simultaneously. Automatic printhead ribbon saving mode Meets the requirements of the GHS classification and marking system. Ideal for large label rolls up to 300 mm diameter.


Model XD Q

The XD Q printer has two printheads. After printing, a brush dissipates the electrostatic charge. When printing with high heating energy, a separator ensures process reliability by safely separating the pigmented web from the material. An additional roller keeps the material in tension.